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Filling the gaps of culture to provide women with clarity, confidence and their radical empowerment throughout birth and motherhood.

Houston's Intrinsic Doula, Photographer & Influencer


Birth culture in America needs change.

Mothers deserve better, their babies deserve better, and better is out there. Maternal mortality is rising in our country as it declines elsewhere in the world. What can you do to prepare for one of the best days of your life to experience the way you should?


1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters

You are either trying to get pregnant, or may have just learned the news that you are carrying life inside your womb. Strangers may or may not be able to notice yet, but there are definitely big changes happening that you are fully aware of.
There are many important ways you can be caring for yourself during this time, and having an extra hand and shoulder to lean on can ease the discomforts and changes you will likely begin experiencing, if you haven’t been already.


Labor & Birth

This is the most intimate, difficult, and beautiful stage of motherhood. You are the most vulnerable during your birth experience. It is during this pivotal time that have the opportunity to learn just how strong you are and let that propel you into motherhood. These moments will be greatly impacted by the type of care providers and birth team you plan to share this most precious space with. It’s important to be educated by this point. If you don’t know what your options are, you don’t have any.



This is the second most intimate stage of motherhood. You are the most impressionable during the postpartum days, weeks, and months. You are either learning for the first time what the hard work of motherhood entails, or are well-seasoned in this area and are being reminded of that fact. Things like not enough maternal support and postpartum depression are running rampage on families today. Having support during this time can make or break the memories you look back on during those first precious moments.