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Filling the gaps of culture to provide women with clarity, confidence and their radical empowerment throughout birth and motherhood.

hey momma,
I’m Charlotte nicole:
emerging doula, professional photographer and cinematographer, as well as a birth activist serving women and families in the greater houston area.


Are you finding yourself terrified to give birth?

do you want unwavering support from someone who “gets it”?

do you want to be fully informed on your options, ALl of them?

do you not only want to recover from your pregnancy and birth, but thrive through your postpartum experience?

do your maternal instincts matter to you?

do you find yourself looking back on your own past birth experiences, or other women’s birth experiences, and not feeling satisfied with how that left you feeling?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I might be the right doula for you, and you might be exactly who I dream of serving.