Birth Story FAQ

There are a lot of questions that run through a family's mind when they are considering hiring a birth photographer. I am more than happy to discuss any of these things with you, but if you'd like to have some questions answered now, here are some frequently asked questions (and answers!) to get the ball rolling for you...


What can I expect from the experience of hiring you as our birth photographer?

Most of my clients have shared with me one common description of what it was like working with me: easy. 

  1. Usually, I will give you a call after you've made contact with me about booking your birth story if I have availability surrounding your due date. If I don't have availability, I will send you recommendations for other professional birth photographers in your area.
  2. We will either get together in person following the phone call, or FaceTime together if you'd like to meet me in person before you hire me for your birth. I want you to know me before you have your baby, having a relationship with you is important to me. I want you to feel comfortable in you vulnerable moments of labored and birth and know that I am a good energy to have in your birthing space. 
  3. We get together in person sometime surrounding your 37th week of pregnancy to go over your desires for your birth and clear up any questions that either of us may have at this point. 
  4. At 38 weeks of pregnancy, I provide my drop-anything-I'm-doing on call availability until you have your baby. 
  5. In most birth stories, once you have a pattern of active labor established I usually head your way within 1-2 hours and then stay with you until your baby is born, no matter how long that takes. I don't typically arrive before active labor begins so that my families are given space to get a really good start to labor.
  6. Within 48 hours of your baby being born, I will send you a digital announcement with an image from your birth that includes your baby's stats that you are welcome to share with friends and family as your official announcement should you wish to use it for that purpose. 
  7. No later than 8 weeks following the birth of your baby, we will get together again for your viewing session where you will view your gallery on either a slideshow, fusion, or compiled video that will be available to you for purchase in addition to digital galleries and print products. This is about you getting what you want as a result of documenting your birth story. I am just there to make sure you have all of the options available to you with full service. 

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