your birth & postpartum

Would you like bliss and clarity driven back into your birth story after the experience has passed? Documenting the delicate details of new life being brought into the world is something I am honored to call my profession; providing you with tasteful photographs and filming, shareable throughout generations. Supporting women in that vulnerable state brings me a peace I can only attempt to describe. When I am filling the role of both your doula and photographer, I am dancing with the waves of birth and giving you the very unique gift of allowing one person to take up the space for two, thus making your space seem a little bit bigger with less people.

I am dedicated to this topic, have fallen in love with the subject of childbirth, and have invested deeply in my crafts. My dream clients are women who are unwavering in their desire to have a fulfilling birth experience, value the incredible gift of photography that freezes moments in time for us to enjoy forever, and is invested in entrusting me to capture that for them. If this describes you, then I would be over the moon to hear from you.