Baby Dean: Newborn Photography

Baby Dean: Newborn Photography

As a photographer it is so exciting when I get to capture a baby from birth, to those first few hours, and then again in a week or so for their newborn session. Such is the case with Baby Dean.

When it is your baby it is easy to miss the small changes from day to day (easy because you see them daily and because you are sleep deprived). But those little changes are the first steps of your baby growing and blossoming into their own unique selves. I hope that as this family reflects on all 3 sessions they can see how their little man has already began to grow and how their love is reflected in his face.

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It was extra fun to shoot with these two pups! You can tell off the bat they are going to be Baby Dean’s BFF and protectors from now on! One of my favorite images from this gallery is Baby Dean’s squishy little bum! He may have been less than pleased about us trying to snag this shot but I’m sure Mom will be happy to show his wife one day down the road!


Drescher Family - It has been my joy to capture this special time in your life! I cannot wait to see the little man this precious boy turns into!

Baby Dean: Newborn Photography