Baby Willemina: A Family Centered Home Birth

Baby Willemina: A Family Centered Home Birth

This family centered home birth included Momma's sister, who is a midwife herself but attended as support for her big sis. It was so special to witness and document her support. She had already told me the story about her sister not being able to finish braiding her hair with her birth before this baby because baby was coming way faster than they ever thought!


This birth wasn't a long one, either, but definitely not as short as a one hour labor. I was grateful for that so that I could capture the whole story and how it would unfold.

They were clearly pros at this, knowing their options on how to progress labor a bit. Taking a walk in early labor gave momma some additional intense contractions and a little bit of privacy from the rest of the birth team. It was a crisp, wet morning from a rainy week we'd been experiencing.


Soon after heading back inside, the energy shifted as Momma felt ready for the tub. Baby would be here soon!

Big sisters woke up just minutes before Momma was getting ready to push. They had taken childbirth classes themselves to prepare for this moment, they were such a sweet addition to the birth team!


She was magnificent, calm, brilliant at birthing. If anyone needs a fantastic and ideal example of how a home birth can be, this is a great example to consider. Such grace, peace, and joy washed over everyone involved.


Absolute joy washed over everyone, little sister's proclaiming what they wanted to name her, dogs barking out the slider door directly behind them (something I actually did not notice at all until I watched the footage later that I had filmed in between these photographs).


Daddy and biggest Sissy checking her out while Auntie acts as the placenta bowl holder. Allowing all of that beneficial blood to get to baby, with no rush of cutting the cord to allow for full benefits. Plus, it was biggest Sissy's job to cut the cord, you can view that moment on their birth film here!


The girls all checked out the placenta together and got a lesson on what it's purpose and benefits are. Auntie did a great job explaining to them and letting them check it out!


Not only Momma was hungry after all of that hard work. When you have four kiddos that just woke up, the troops need a feast! I'm not actually sure how much of that plate of food actually made it into her mouth with all of the hands .


Birthstream Midwifery provides a sweet "Happy Birthday Cake" with a meal and a candle, I love this sentiment they include with all of their births. They encourage the families to keep their candle to light again on baby's first birthday, so sweet!

Her lashes were absolutely darling, such a sweet little gift.

Daddy and his girl, snuggling and loving while Momma is cared for by the midwives.


Auntie also got the honor of weighing baby girl. We all guessed size, but I was the only one who guessed close to 9lbs! Every one else hovered their guesses around 8lbs. She was 9lbs and 4oz of scrumptious love.


One of the best things about home births, baby checkups right next to you wherever you are resting comfy. Everything being explained and sweetly cared for.


Grandma's comforting hands at her side to ease her, while the important and sweet hands of the midwife checked on her to be sure she was all healthy and well!

Baby Willemina: A Family Centered Home Birth

Please enjoy their birth film below to experience their full birth story:

Thank you, Bloom Family. You are all so blessed and such a beautiful example of love. I'm sure many people in your life look up to you, I'm so happy to have been chosen to document these memories for you!

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