your pregnancy

Pregnancy is full of so many changes. It is a beautiful gift to experience carrying life within your womb; a gift that should not only be celebrated, but also supported by a village that understands what you are experiencing and has the ability to be there for you every step of the way. Documenting this short period of time in your life brings your baby's story full circle, and having someone to turn to with every question that creeps up can provide you with much needed relief.



13-36 weeks

emotional and informational support

overview of tests, scans, and appointments you will be presented with during this time

informational guides on self care, nutrition during pregnancy, natural relief options, registry items you actually need, prepping fridge and cabinets before baby

mother blessing planning and hosting

in-person childbirth education
(video series coming soon)

I wasn’t even aware of all of the options I had within arms reach. I’m so grateful I had someone at my disposal to take the time to help me understand all of the decisions I had to make.
— First Time Momma

maternity photography

Each photography session includes a viewing session with your edited gallery to choose from a variety of products to tell your story.

outdoors or indoors

Either nature paints us a stunning scene to look back on during an outdoor session, or we enjoy time in the comfort of your home for an indoor session. Each session is a fun mixture between gently posed and documentary styled imagery (picture it: snacking together on something you've been craving in your kitchen while relaxing, so cute!). I gently guide mommas (& family if they join us) into moments that look natural and effortless. These sessions set us up perfectly to finish up with a relaxing maternity milk bath.


availability for up to 2 hours sometime between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy

laid-back style guide provided for help with choosing clothing

milk bath


availability for up to 30 minutes between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy

water alteration & fresh flowers provided

Milky water and fresh flowers make for a unique way to remember your baby belly. These are a relaxing treat to gift yourself with to look back on. 

prenatal appointment

Many home birth and birth center mommas are starting to enjoy looking back on a small part of their experience and relationship with their midwives during pregnancy. These sessions are a unique way to remember the care you chose during pregnancy and to share with your baby one day who helped to bring them into the world. 


availability for up to 1 hour between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy

client must obtain permissions from care provider prior to scheduling

a la carte options

Full service photography is part of your experience when you hire me to document your memories. This includes providing you with access to the highest quality of professional heirloom print products to enjoy your memories on for the rest of time. The quality I provide is intended to last from generation to generation. Digital galleries are available for purchase as well, if preferred.


custom heirloom keepsakes

various print options

custom engraved wooden USB

full-resolution digital galleries

& more!