Frequently Asked Questions


Please do not hesitate to reach out as I would be thrilled to answer your questions directly.

general questions

Can I meet you before I decide to book your services?

Preferably, yes! I believe in building a relationship with my clients. It's one of the most important aspects of being able to document your story well. If I don't know you, how can I successfully capture your memories in a way that's meaningful to you specifically? I want you to feel 100% comfortable with me and know without a doubt that I'm the right photographer for you before you book. My policy includes meeting with clients in my home office in Cypress, Texas before you book.

How much should I expect to invest?

This is entirely up to you. As my client, I want you to be able to choose exactly what you want, and nothing more. Because of this, I do not include any products or product credits in your booking fee so that you can make the choice yourself to fully invest in your images. I offer a menu of custom heirloom print product and digital options for you to choose from that include options from the highest quality products you will not find anywhere else. Each of clients tend to invest a minimum of $1000-$3000, depending on the session type booked.

Do you offer discounts or accept payments?

Providing the kind of services I do requires an immense amount of sacrifice and commitment. My income from my services provides my financial contribution to my family, my job, and a portion of our livelihood. For these reasons, I very rarely offer discounts for my services.

That being said, I am extremely flexible with payment plan options, gift registries are available to share with family and friends, and I have a great client referral program. Feel free to reach out about any of these options!

What is the quality of the images you offer & how many images do you present for each session type?

In addition to offering the highest of quality print products, I provide the option to invest in high-resolution full-sized digitals (good for sharing online or printing). 

I present a minimum of the following number of images for the following session types:
Births - 75+ images per gallery
Expecting - 25+ images per gallery
Postpartum - 25+ images per gallery

Will I receive both color & monochrome versions of each image?

I provide some images in color, and others in black and white. For the most part, I use my artistic opinion when deciding to convert an image to black and white or not. I do not provide the same image in both color and black and white, and I do take into consideration your preferences towards monochrome edits in general when processing your images. 

Sometimes, in the birth setting specifically, if and when I’ve pushed my camera to it’s limits it is much better to convert to black and white without considering artistic opinion. Black and white images handle grain better than color, and sometimes it’s just the way to go. Making use of my flash usually avoids having to make a non-artistic decision whether to convert an image to black and white due to the retained quality a flash can provide in less than ideal lighting situations. 

Will my images be shared online?

That’s totally up to you! Most of my client are thrilled to have me post their images online, there can be so much benefit to other women seeing how we all approach motherhood can sometimes be so different and other times be just the same. There's community in the connection. Sometimes the only reason a woman knew that something was an option for her birth was because of birth images she saw online.

I have clients that prefer their images remain private, and other’s that are selective on what’s permitted to be shared, and then others who tell me to share my heart out. All of these preferences are 100% okay with me. It’s your story, and your call.

When is the best time during pregnancy to book your services?

The sooner, the better! I accept very few clients each month. Because of this, I can book up extremely quickly. If you’re in your second trimester, get in touch now! Reaching out before 12 weeks is totally fine too, I can put you on priority surrounding your due date and keep you updated on any inquiries to give you the option to book first.

Are you due already? Don’t let that keep you from reaching out! I’ve been hired many times when a momma is already full term (I've even met a client IN LABOR). Sometimes births happen earlier than planned, and it can make some gaps in my schedule. You never know if you don’t ask, right?

I can't wait to hear from you, reach out now!

What do I wear?

I provide each of my clients with a style guide specific to each session type booked. Full service photography means I am there for you every step of the way!

birth story questions

Why should I hire a birth photographer specifically & not just any photographer that’s willing to do the job?

Oh boy, there are so many reasons. But I'll start my response with this question:
Do you want one of the best the industry has to offer, someone who specializes in this because they are deeply invested in the subject? Or do you want who says, "Sure, I can make that work if you want..."? The choice is yours. 

Being present in someone's birthing space is an incredible privilege. It's also an incredibly unpredictable scenario to be walking into without fluent knowledge in childbirth. As a birth photographer (and student doula!) I am deeply invested in knowing birth inside and out and prepared for the possibilities that might arise during your story.
On the technical side of things, any professional birth photographer should be extremely well-prepared with necessary equipment to handle the vast changes in birth scenarios and lighting. There are no do overs in birth. Not only do they need one (extremely valuable) camera body on them for your story, they should have a backup as well to be certain that when and if their gear fails (which they certainly do from time to time!), that they have another reliable camera to pick up and use and not miss any part of your story. 
Most importantly, in my opinion, there's a sense of "energy" in  a birthing space. Reverence for that space can make or break a woman's entire birthing experience. Knowing when to shoot, not shoot, stand still, get out of the way quickly, hold a hand when needed, and give space when needed ALL MATTER when a woman is in labor. Knowing your place in the birthing room as a professional birth photographer is pivotal. 

What is a doula?

A doula is a companion intended to support a woman through the pre-natal, labor, and postnatal period of time surrounding the birth of a baby.

Many of the things I described above apply to a doula as well as a good birth photographer, but the big distinction between the two would be the deeper education and knowledge that a doula has invested herself in on the subject and many possibilities of the birthing space. In my opinion, in order to successfully support a woman in her birthing space, there has to be a well established relationship of trust built prior to the birthing mother going into labor. There also has to be a clear understanding of the desires the birthing mother has for her birth experience. A doula is there to remind, support, and advocate for these desires as well as navigate the potential curve balls that are thrown throughout the unpredictability of birth.

Do you use a flash?

Usually. There are ideal lighting situations and un-ideal lighting situations. Ideal situations are those that are illuminated with indirect daylight shining through giant windows during a birth, where a flash would probably be unnecessary. Then, there are un-ideal lighting situations that are somewhat illuminated by either extremely bright lights, or horribly yellow lights, and sometimes even no more light than a burning candle provides. The un-ideal lighting situations are the most common birth scenarios and are when I feel it is necessary to utilize my flash. Both hospital and home births can provide less than ideal lighting situations.

My flash is situated on top of my camera and is always pointed towards a wall behind me or the ceiling. It is never pointed at mom, dad, or baby. I am also precise and careful about how many shots I take while using it while you are in labor. I usually wait until a mother is having a contraction to use it because you are even more unlikely to notice it. Birth photographers all over the country use their flash during births, and I’ve never read a single story of a woman noticing at all. Someone skilled in knowing how to not disrupt the birth atmosphere will not overuse their flash while documenting a birth.

I have examples of births using only available light, and can provide examples of birth images utilizing flash if you’d like to see the difference. I prefer a clean, crisp image over a grainy one. While I intentionally use a camera body that can handle low-light well, I appreciate the results my flash can provide. If this is something you’d like to discuss further, feel free to reach out.

How can I be sure you will make it to my birth in time?

To answer the question, no one can be sure. However, it is my goal to make every attempt in my power to make it to your side when the time comes.

If birth could be described in one word, I’d have to go with unpredictable. Sure, we can look at statistics of most common scenarios playing out and most of the time things are pretty predictable…until they’re not. It’d be impossible for anyone to guarantee they’ll make it to your birth, emergencies happen and some babies come at lightning speeds. I do everything in my power to make it in time, including educating you on how to best inform me with any changes in your body and any signs of labor you might experience. I want to know it all, to increase the likelihood of me making it.
I do go on call for you at 37 weeks of pregnancy, and am at your beck and call from that moment until you deliver your baby. I make every attempt to make it possible to be there for you before 38 weeks as well. Me being on-call for you means that I am not traveling further than an hour of your birthing location for up to 5 weeks. It also means I am constantly considering being ready at a moments notice to drop whatever I am doing, including other photography sessions and personal commitments, to attend and document one of the best days of your life. It’s not an easy job, it’s full of sacrifices, but it’s a job that I absolutely love and feel called to do.
In the event an emergency of my own occurs and I’m unable to attend your birth, I have backup photographers on-call with me available to take my place should the need arise. These are always fellow birth professionals trained to do exactly what I do, and you will still work with me through the rest of the process following your birth. This happens on a very, very rare occasion, but is always a possibility.

Does the price change if I have a really fast birth?

It does not. I invest equal amounts of my heart and effort into each of my mommas, no matter if they have a quick or long birth. It would also be extremely unfair to put a mother in the position to be charged more for additional hours if her birth happens to last a very long number of hours. For this reason, my booking fee for birth stories is based on the average 8 hours of attending a birth. Sometimes that looks like a mere 3 hours, and other times it looks like 33 hours+, neither scenario changes the price.