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Filling the gaps of culture to provide women with clarity, confidence and their radical empowerment throughout birth and motherhood.

Virtual Doula | Motherhood Mentor


You have found your bestie for all things womanhood.
From mentoring women on how to thrive through their menstrual cycles, to planning for your first or next baby, all the way through childbirth education, postpartum support and beyond: I cover it all, from the comfort of your own home.

Houston Doula Services | Local Doula and Virtual Doula Support


Do you want to thrive through your menstrual cycles, instead of be controlled by them?

Do you want to set yourself up for the best foundation before you start trying for your first or next baby?

Do you want to be fully informed on your options, ALL of them?

Do you not only want to settle for recovering from your pregnancy and birth, or would you rather enjoy your postpartum experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I might be exactly who you have been searching for, and you might be exactly who I dream of serving.

Houston Doula Services | Local Doula and Virtual Doula Support