hiring a virtual doula/motherhood mentor:

You have a friend in me. I am here to spend time investing in you and your desires surrounding woman and motherhood. With unconventional, alternative methods, options and support, I can help you thrive.

Step #1: We Get Together

In the comfiest seat in your house, we spend about 30 minutes chatting and getting to know one another via a video chat. Technology can be so useful!

This gives us both an opportunity to decide if we are a good fit together, and gives you a good idea on what future virtual meetings with me would look like.

Step #2: Choose your Services

Depending on where you are in your woman or motherhood journey, you can choose between a variety of service options to support you right where you need it. All of my services are performed virtually, with the exception of local postpartum doula services. Most of my packages also include a special box of goodies shipped straight to your door!

Step #3: Implement Suggested New Routines + Habits

I don’t take it easy on anyone, and you might have a lot of work cut out for you depending on where you currently are on your journey. Getting and staying healthy and on the right track takes hard work and consistency, but I’m here for you every step of the way.

When questions come up, you have the option to text or email me anytime during our working relationship. When you experience a moment of weakness, I’m there for you to talk you off the ledge (or away from that unhealthy habit/help you find a better choice to achieve your goals).

Step #4: THRIVE

If you set out to enjoy the process, and hire someone like me to walk you through it, there is no doubt you will be in a better position to take your next step along your journey than you would have been without the knowledge, support, and love I plan to smother you with.

Virtual Doula & Motherhood Mentor